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Light Up The Night With Glow in the Dark Wristands

Our glow in the dark wristbands is offered in 3 colors. Glow blue, glow green and white. Glow green is the image you see on this page. Glow green glows a lime green color while white glow will the traditional glow in the dark color. If you are familiar with the pantone color scale, the color number associated with these is as follows:

Glow Blue 638C

Glow Green 365C

Traditional white* 331C


To get the “glow” effect, these bracelets must be “charged” with light. Similar to our ultraviolet sensitive wristbands, you must expose these wristbands to a light source. These can be any of the following:


White LED Light

Incandescent Light (your standard light bulb)

Black Light


Glow in the dark wristbands may be debossed, embossed, color filled and screen printed. For more information, please contact us! We’re here to help!

*Traditional white glow bands appear opaque. The color indicated aboe is the glow color effect.






Pricing For Glow in the Dark Wristbands

Quantity Production Time* Price Per Unit
100 - 249 10 Business Days $1.50
250 - 499 10 Business Days $1.20
500 - 999 10 Business Days $0.80
1000 - 1999 10 Business Days $0.70
2000 - 4999 15 Business Days $0.60
5000 - 9999 15 Business Days $0.50
10000 - + 15 Business Days $0.45

$0.10 per unit will be added for color filled glow in the dark wristbands. Base cost of bands are listed above. These prices do not include additional fees for customizations such as bagging