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Gay & Lesbian Pride Awareness Wristbands


Wearing a silicone wristband is a good way to show allegiance to a cause. When it is to commemorate an organization or event you are proud of it will be something well worth owning. Often when pride is thought of it is the Gay Pride march and while this will be a perfect event to distribute rubber wristbands. Not only will it give marchers a sense of identity but will make them feel that they are well supported when they see that so many people watching the parade are also wearing them.


Silicone wristbands can be used to show pride in any event and as they are so easy to create and inexpensive to buy they can be used for a variety of causes. It could be a case that they are sold in order to raise funds for the cause or just worn to show support.


Ordering is easy at We have a custom silicone wristband creator on our website and it will take you through the 5 stage process to get your wristbands. As long as you know the color and size of bracelets you want, plus the message you want and the font you want it written in, all you need to do is fill this into the form, decide how many wristbands you want to order, and then arrange pa yment. It really is that simple.


In case you are worried you may not find what you want there are a couple of thousand colors, the chance to mix colors and also have the rubber wristbands embossed



Prices vary and the lasermade wristbands can cost little more than a dollar each depending on the amount ordered. Clearly wristbands with watches or USB ports attached will be more expensive but also much more desirable.Whatever style you choose to go with will speak volumes to your cause and will let the public know what you stand for. Do you want to custom make your own pride wristbands? Try our 3D wristband creator today and begin spreading your message to the world.