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Order Silicone Wristbands with no Minimum


Wristbands are a cost effective alternative to other expensive mediums for spreading awareness. A silicone wristband can be created to show case not only fundraising events and causes, but other things as well like your school, football team, business events, and others with class and style. However, did you know you could order custom silicone wristbands from one to many with no minimum?


At, you can purchase quality laser made silicone wristbands, even if you order a single item only. We offer rush production for laser made silicone bracelets and you can order just one bracelet and have it custom made according to your preferences. This style is one of the most cost effective types of silicone wristbands, especially for school fundraising events.



Laser made silicone wristbands are created using lasers as printers. The laser burns a small layer on the surface of the silicone bracelet engraving the message, logo, or artwork specified b y the client. Usually, it takes five business days to complete a particular order and about two to three days in shipment depending on your choice of carrier. The main advantage of purchasing laser made silicone wristbands is that there is no minimum order. If you are not planning to buy wholesale and you simply want to have your own custom silicone bracelets, you c an simply order one from Personalize yours today on our wristband creator!