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Rush Order Video Starring Arian Foster

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Director’s notes:
When we first sent Arian Foster’s people the concept for our wristbands video we thought, “There is no way Arian Foster is going to do this, but he if did…oh it would be so awesome!”.  We were shocked and elated when he enthusiastically agreed.



Now that we have spent some time with Arian and gotten to know him we aren’t as shocked. Obviously, he is an amazing NFL running back but it doesn’t take long to realize there is more to him than “Arian Foster football player”. If you are a true fan of his than you probably already know about his interests in poetry and philosophy and his noticeable passion for life and learning new things. At one point he looked into the camera as we set up a shot and said with a smile, “I could do this all day.”



Arian gave each scene his all, not blowing this off as a “little web video”. That positive attitude is probably why it took Arian little time from being on the Texans’ practice squad to being an All-Pro running back.



Every video has unique challenges and this one was no different.


The most important challenge was making sure Arian Foster didn’t get injured.  The staff loves the Texans and the last thing we would want is Arian to be out for the Texans first playoff game. We’re pretty sure we would have been on the receiving end of an angry mob armed with torches and pitchforks. So, we had to use angles and camera tricks to simulate speed without Arian ever really running “fast”, but make no mistake Arian Foster running at 25% speed still looks pretty fast.



Timeframe was one of the biggest challenges in making this video. Since the footage was being shot during the NFL season we had limited time with Arian and had to make every moment count.  Amazingly, this entire video was shot in about 2 hours. The camera crew worked hard to shift lights and cameras quickly and we had to nail each shot in only one or two takes. It wasn’t easy but we’re proud of the final result.

We hope you enjoy the video. We think it is a fun way to showcase Arian Foster’s new custom wristbands.



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