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Pancreatic Cancer Wristbands


Pancreatic awareness bracelets are the perfect solution for those pancreatic cancer organizations and non- profit organizations trying to promote Pancreatic cancer awareness or commence on a fundraising drive in support of those with pancreatic cancer. You can customize your Pancreatic cancer wristbands on’s Wristband Creator. You can have your message, debossed, embossed, lasermade, color flled, or screen printed on your Cancer awareness Pancreatic_Cancer_Awareness_Wristbands


bracelets. Our Pancreatic Cancer wristbands are 100 percent silicone wristbands and are a major asset to these awareness campaigns, customizable with a message in support of the general cause, a more personable epitaph dedicated “In Memory Of…” , or an inspirational message encouraging people to “Pray 4…” or “Pray For…” If you have any questions about customizing your Pancreatic cancer wristbands please feel to call one of our wristband designers at 1800-433-1758


Pancreatic Cancer Facts:



Pancreatic cancer is the cancer of the pancreas. This is one of the deadliest types of cancer, with a five year survival rate of less than 5 percent. Most often pancreatic cancer is an adenocarcinomas, a cancer of the epithelium originating in the grandular tissue, but sometimes it is an adenosquamous carcinomas, cancer of squamous cells and gland-like cells. Pancreatic cancer was newly diagnosed more than 43,000 times in 2010 and took 36,800 lives.


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