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Spina Bifida Awareness Wristbands


Those groups in search of memorable ways to promote a public awareness campaign for Spina Bifida or those interested in creating custom keepsakes for donors and workers of a fundraising drive to help with Spina bifida research or support should strongly consider the use of Spina bifida awareness bracelets. provides these durable cause wristbands. Made of 100 percent silicone and customizable with regard to design and message (“Pray For…”, “Pray 4…”, “In Memory Of…”, “Support Spina Bifidia Research”, etc.), Spina bifida awareness bracelets will leave a lasting impression on everyone.


Spina Bifida Information:

Spina bifida is a tragic developmental congenital disorder, a condition that exits at or prior to birth, in which the embryonic neural tube is incomplete, leaving the vertebrae overlying the spinal cord not fully formed, unfused, and open. It is the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the country. There are four classifications of spina bifida: spina bifida occulta, spina bifida cystica, meningocele, and myelomeningocele. These four range from mild forms in which the split in the vertebrae is so small the spinal cord does not protrude (spina bifida occulta) to the most severe in which the unfused part of the spinal column forces the spinal cord to protrude through an opening (myelomeningocele).

Though the gaps can be closed after birth, the repair does not repair the normal function. Currently, research is being made into intrauterine surgery. This is a preventable birth defect. Those women planning pregnancies are advised to take folic acid to decrease the chance of spina bifida by 75 percent.


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