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Epilepsy Awareness:

Epilepsy support organizations and foundations are constantly trying to raise public awareness and engage in fundraising activities to both increase national epilepsy awareness and find a cure for this condition. provides the customizable epilepsy awareness bracelets to leave a long-lasting impression on everyone’s mind. These 100 percent silicone wristbands are the most durable on the market and are easily embossed to spread your words, whether they be a plea to help fund epilepsy research or to pray for (or pray 4) those with epilepsy. You can even create a personalized epilepsy awareness rubber bracelet in the memory of someone close who has lost his or her life to the condition.

Epilepsy Information:

Epilepsy has been discussed since the time of the ancient Greeks and is an example of a common symptom defining a poorly understood condition. Nearly 50 million people worldwide suffer from these seizures, which are a result of a abnormal, synchronous, or excessive neuronal activity. Epilepsy most strikes the very young or old, but has been known to present itself following invasive brain surgery. Though advances have been made, nearly 30 percent of those suffering with epilepsy cannot control these seizure episodes. More research is needed to understand which factors cause this condition and to finally offer a cure.


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