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Spread Your Message With Lasermade Wristbands

Looking for a new and unique way to fundraise?  Want to build school spirit? Silicone wristbands are the way to go!  Regardless of how large or small your school is, custom lasermade wristbands are a new and popular way to fundraise, promote school spirit, support your team or reward students for a job well done.


These bracelets are made by using a laser. They are loaded on to a form and the laser acts as a "printer" burning a layer of silicone off of the wristband. This style is the most cost effective band and is most popular for school fundraisers.


Silicone bracelets have become very popular for students today, which will allow your school to promote awareness while still keeping the "cool factor" that kids love. We offer the largest varieties of colors available anywhere and are able to create custom colors to fit your school’s needs!


A low cost alternative to a bumper sticker, a wristband showcasing your school or team, will show it off with class, pride, and style. Not only will you be able to promote your school, but you will also have a constant reminder of any goals you are trying to meet and accomplish, either academically, competitively, and even financially if you are in fundraising mode.


To get more information or place an order for your custom silicone wristbands, call one of our qualified sales representatives at 1-800-433-1758 or click on the tab below today to place your order! You may add an alternate color fill to these bands as well; just upgrade during your checkout process.*


*Color filling lasermade wristbands will increase production time. Please contact us directly for the time increase.



Pricing For Lasermade Wristbands

Quantity Production Time* Price Per Unit
1 - 9 7 Business Days $5.95
10 - 19 7 Business Days $2.95
20 - 49 7 Business Days $1.95
50 - 99 10 Business days $1.29
100 - 249 10 Business Days $0.79
250 - 499 10 Business Days $0.69
500 - 749 10 Business Days $0.59
750 - 1,000 10 Business Days


These prices do not include additional fees for customizations such as graphics, coloring techniques or bagging.


* Please note that business days are calculated Monday - Friday and exclude holidays.