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Looking for a new, low-cost way to create awareness for your business or organization? Try our color-coat silicone wristbands! These  allow you to have different color text without having to purchase the more expensive Color-Filled wristbands.


Color coated bracelets allow you a cost effective option to the color filled style however it has its draw backs. While color coated wristbands are easy to read and make a big impression, this type band was created for promotional use and occasional wear. Over time, the outer layer will wear or fade; this process occurs quicker with daily wear. For a long lasting wristband with extra pop, consider our color filled wristbands


These are 2 layers of color one on top of the other. The top layer is silicone paint and the bottom is the wristband. When the message is engraved or debossed using a laser, the top layer is removed where your text or images is, revealing the bottom layer or color.

You can design your very own Color-Coated bands with a custom logo, phrase, or cause you wish to promote, keeping your name and purpose at the forefront of everyones everyday life. Get multiple colors and use them for outdoor parties or events.

Color-Coated bracelets are non-toxic, waterproof, and latex-free.These should be used for promotional uses and are not as durable as our Color-Filled bands. With daily use, the out layer will wear over time, and in extreme case, cause your message to become invisible.

Whether just for party favors or business giveaway items, or as a fundraiser, these Color-Coat silicone wristbands are an extremely cost effective means of advertising and are great for prolonging special memories or events.

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Color Coated Pricing

Color coated bracelets are made with two layers of silicone; one on top of another. Messages are debossed through the top layer and the message appears in the bottom layer color. These bands are most often used for product promotion.


Quantity Production Time* Price Per Unit
100 - 249 10 Business Days $1.25
250 - 499 10 Business Days $1.15
500 - 999 10 Business Days $0.80
1000 - 1999 10 Business Days $0.70
2000 - 4999 15 Business Days $0.60
5000 - 9,999 15 Business Days $0.50


Base cost of bands are listed above. These prices do not include additional fees for customizations such as graphics or bagging.


*Please note that business days are calculated Monday - Friday and exclude holidays.